29th December 2010
Time To Act!
Princess Royal Barracks

It is absolutely vital that the residents of Deepcut, Frimley Green, Mytchett and surrounding areas, give their opinion on the Core Strategy document to the SHBS Planning Department, and it must be within the next two weeks as the closing date is Friday the 24th of September and no late submissions will he considered.

If you object to these proposals, please write your ‘letter of objection’ to the SHBC Planning Department, and post it immediately as any objections received after the 24th of September will not be counted. Please state in the letter that you are objecting or it could be taken as a comment instead of an objection. Write to:

The Planning Department
Surrey Heath House
Knoll Road, Camberley
Surrey GU15 3HD

It is critically important that you make your views known if you think that meaningful improvements must be made to the road network in our area in order to support the construction of 1200 new homes on the old Princess Barracks site in Deepcut. This number of homes would add about 2500 extra cars onto our roads.

The proposal also includes plans for a supermarket, about the same size as the Waitrose in Frimley which will also bring more traffic to the area further adversely affecting our villages.

The 1200+ homes are identified in SHBC’s latest Core Strategy Document. Objectors are encouraged to use recent experiences to illustrate their situations. Objections need to be received by the 24th September latest. AS MANY RESIDENTS AS POSSIBLE SHOULD WRITE IN BEFORE 24TH SEPTEMBER DEADLINE: TOTAL NUMBERS WILL CARRY WEIGHT. If you wish to object you can use the SHBC Representation Form (Word Doc format).

Spread the word! Please inform your neighbours and friends about this plan and ask them to write to SHBC as well.