22nd October 2012

Badger Cull
By Daphne Knowles - Wildlife Committee Member

The proposed Badger Cull has been agreed and is imminent!

Badger Trust

  1. There is an alternative, trap badgers, vaccinate, and release.
    Badgers are protected by the BADGER PROTECTION ACT.
    Wales has opted for trapping and vaccinating and has started.

  2. Concerns with the Government permission to cull badges are:

    Ignores scientific evidence that this action could spread TB in cattle, see the BBC Article and the Letter in the Observer from more than 30 animal disease experts.
    Some badgers may escape from the cull to neighbouring farms.
    The use of high power sniper rifles in the countryside is dangerous
    There are risks to the general public who enjoy watching wildlife.
    Badgers will suffer terrible injuries, pain, and lingering deaths.
    There is no public information where the culls are going to happen.

  3. You can help stop this cruel, unjustified, unnecessary killing
    Sign the online Petition for Brian May (guitarist for the group Queen)
    Write to your MP and copy to any other MP that you think suitable.

STOP PRESS: Public concern has forced a Parliamentary debate this Thursday
The first cull in Somerset may have been delayed as a result !