1st July 2015
Chairman's Corner

Possible large increase in flights for Farnborough Airport

As hopefully everyone will be aware, TAG have permission to accommodate up to 50,000 Air Traffic Movements per Annum (ATMs) by 2019. For 2014 for this limit was 43,000 ATMs and 45,000 ATMs for 2015.

Thus far, operations at Farnborough have not come anywhere close to these levels, to put that into context:

Year Permitted Movements Actual Movements
2011  31000  25027
2012  37000  25822
2013  41000  24761
2014  43000  Figures not yet provided.

If residents find the current level of operations uncomfortable, consider the situation if TAG reach their objective.

TAG are extremely keen to see the figures for "Actual Movements" at a much higher level, to reach this TAG are using a two pronged approach:

  1. Applying for an Airspace change proposal. - this would give TAG much greater control over aircraft able to cross their air space.
  2. Apply for "London Reliever" status. - This would allow business aircraft that would normally have used the main London airports to use Farnborough instead

If granted it is probable that the 50,000 ATMs limit would rapidly be reached, as TAG have already stated that the airport is capable of handling 100,000 ATMs. In the event that TAG's applications are granted the proposals would give TAG strong leverage should they apply for a further increase in the current permitted 50,000 ATMs.

If people, members of our society or not are opposed to any such increase it would seem prudent that they start marshalling their objections in preparation for such an application being lodged.

I have embedded the following report from the Bordon Herald which briefly touches on both applications:

A CONTROVERSIAL proposal by TAG Farnborough to introduce a new area of “controlled” airspace is fuelling fears that the airport could recognise its ambition to secure reliever status for London’s major airports. Measuring twice the volume of the “controlled” area around London Gatwick, if allowed, critics believe not only would it increase noise pollution in the skies over East Hampshire, it would shrink the area of “free” uncontrolled air space with an adverse impact on flight safety. It would also risk putting airfields like Lasham out of business.

For full story, see this week's Bordon Herald.

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Kevin Daley    (Chair, MFG&D Society)