18th October 2015
Treasure Hunt Presentation 2015

On 18th October, Carol Drew the Society's Treasurer along with her husband Mike Drew and Rod Carroll, the Society's Website Administrator, visited Mrs Jany Dodds at her home. Jany is the wife of Tim Dodds, the ex SHBC Councillor for Lightwater.

At a small ceremony Carol presented Jany with the prize for winning the Society's treasure hunt at the 2015 Frimley Green Carnival, held on 12th July. Jany correctly guessed the location of the treasure.

The prize consisted of 30 one pound coins in a treasure chest, see the picture on the left.

Carol is shown presenting Jany with the treasure along with winner's certificate in the picture on the right.

The last picture shows Jany holding both the treasure and her winner's certificate.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Jany and Tim very kindly served tea and biscuits to Carol, Mike and Rod.