Carol Drew, Rod Carroll
7th January 2016
Kevin Daley - a Tribute

Kevin was a man passionate about a lot of things, shown not least by his committment and dedication to the local area and community. He wished to be involved in what was going on and tried to make sure that he was. When he joined the committee of the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut Society in 2006 he threw himself into the organisation with his heart and soul, rapidly progressing to vice chairman and then chairman. But being Kevin he was not just chairman but also the Society's representative on the Farnborough Airport Consultative Committee, as well as being involved with the Mytchett Community Centre, Deepcut Development, Basingstoke Canal and organizing such things as local hustings for the 2010 general election at Lakeside. He really was an energetic community activist, other community groups solicited his advice and help both of which he gave freely and unconditionally.

Across a wide range of issues his input was invaluable. He always made sure he kept everyone informed and didn't mind chivvying people up if he thought they weren't getting involved enough, by asking them to put their names to petitions and campaigns that affected them. He had a reputation for being outspoken, but he was only trying to make sure that things got done, even if it meant treading on a few toes along the way, be they local councillors, members of Surrey Heath Borough Council, TAG, local MP - it didn't matter who you were. If Kevin wanted something done, he would ask what you were going to do about it, and he certainly wanted answers! He made sure he was completely informed, by reading and interpreting copious reports and documents, like the various government planning proposals, attending meetings, and listening to the opinions of the local people. His drive and enthusiasm were remarkable.

He was completely involved in everything the Society did - from being there at the beginning at events like the Frimley Green Carnival, setting up, staying there all day talking to people and promoting the Society, and being there at the end to dismantle the Society's stall. On one very hot occasion he nearly gave himself sunstroke by standing in the sun talking for too many hours. Nothing was too much trouble for Kevin. Even when his health has been poor during the last couple of years, he was still there for everyone, never putting himself first. He reluctantly stood down as Chairman a few months ago, but has remained a committee member, with valuable input until only just a few weeks ago. There are certainly not enough Kevins around. The loss to the community will be tremendous, and the Society is greatly saddened by the passing of such a committed, passionate and enthusiastic person. He will definitely be a hard act to follow.