27th January 2016
Public Event on Proposed Schedule of Work for 2016

On Wednesday 27th January between 12.00pm & 8.00pm, a public event was held by the developers of the Princess Royal Barracks redevelopment to inform local residents of the proposed schedule of work for 2016.

At the same time they also launched the project name Mindenhurst for the main area of development, this was selected following consultation with community stakeholders. Though it has to be said that the Society knows of at least one person who was consulted who expressly said not to use anything with Minden in it, due to the fact Minden appears in a number of house names in the area.

There were members of the project team on hand at the event answering any questions and guiding people through the steps to be taken in 2016. Amongst other things, this included starting on the northern access roundabout for the spine road, clearing the japanese knotweed, doing a more detailed survey of the spine road route, clearing trees outside the wire at the northern and southern end of the development, moving the security fence to the east side of the spine road route, for full details, see the Project update, January 2016 for more details.

Our President Sue Cartwright was one of the attendees and some of her concerns and comments can be found in the Groundworks to begin on site of 1,200 homes article in the Camberley & Sandhurst News & Mail

Latest Planning Application

15/1062 - Application for the Approval of Reserved Matters for Infrastructure (Spine Road, Central SANGS, and Village Green submitted....

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