2nd November 2016

Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum Public Consultation

Under the Localism Act, local residents are enabled to produce Neighbourhood Plans for any area that is Designated by their Local Authority. Surrey Heath Borough Council designated such an Area for the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum (DNF) in late 2014. In the map below, this Area is defined by the red boundary, excluding the Area inside the blue boundary. The Area inside the blue boundary is the Princess Royal Barracks development which falls outside of the purview of the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum.

In formulating a Plan it is essential that DNF is seen to try to secure inputs from key Stakeholders as well as local residents and local businesses.

A Neighbourhood Plan has to pass a test for robustness by an Independent Inspector and then secure public support through a local Referendum before it is established as a Planning Reference document that helps determine the future shape and needs of the community.

As a result DNF would be most grateful if people who live, work, play or regularly visit Deepcut, could complete the questionnaire (doc), attach it to an email and send it to stakeholdersconsultation@deepcutforum.org.uk by 15th NOVEMBER 2016.