19th February 2017

Proposed Boundary Changes to Frimley Green Ward

As part of the Boundary Commission's recommendations that Surrey Heath Borough Council goes down from 40 councillors to 35, Frimley Green would expand to include part of Frimley. To quote from the draft report (Page 17, sections 51,52):

Frimley andFrimley Green
51 The Councilís submission proposed the transfer of electors into Frimley from Frimley Green, making Frimley Green a two member ward and retaining three members in Frimley. We received no other submissions for these areas.

52 We have altered the Councilís proposal and moved the northwest boundary of Frimley Green to run along the A325. This will transfer some electors from Frimley, which will become a two-member ward into Frimley Green which will stay as a three member ward. This allows for a better variance in both wards and a more identifiable boundary.

As can be seen from the map below, all of Frimley High Street would become part of the Frimley Green ward (in red), basically expanding the boundary from Johnson's Wax (in blue).

The recommendations and detailed maps are available on the Boundary Commissionís website at consultation.lgbce.org.uk and www.lgbce.org.uk.

For more details on the whole process of consultation, read the Article on the Surrey Residents Network.