13th July 2018

Surrey Heath Borough Council proposing Parking Charges for Frimley Lodge Park

Parking charges are being proposed for Frimley Lodge Park at the Surrey Heath Borough Council Executive Meeting on Tuesday, 17th July:

SHBC Executive Agenda (PDF)

Proposed Parking Charges for Frimley Lodge Park Document (PDF)

There is statutory ‘consultation’ that is the right to object if this decision is made. However this seems to be just the sort of issue where there should be genuine up front consultation and community engagement so that the council has the awareness and evidence in front of it before it makes any decision. Whatever your views on parking charges, for or against,hopefully you would press for a deferral of this decision until such consultation has taken place.

Without consultation it would be guesswork about the impact on users of the Park and the degree to which it will drive people away from using a facility that is there specifically for those people. If people are ok with it, then the financial benefits may make sense. But if people will change their behaviour because of the charges then it might undermine the very purpose of the Park. To press ahead with a decision without evidence of the impact of this decision seems to be irresponsible and unnecessary. If you agree contact your local councillors and/or the Leader of the Council.

Leader of the Council:


Local Borough Councillors - Frimley Green


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