8th April 2022

The Level Crossing in The Hatches: An Update

Author: Graham O'Connell:

As many of you will know Network Rail have been considering what to do about the level crossing in The Hatches, Frimley Green where the bridleway leads down to Farnborough North station. At the station they plan to put in a small footbridge and lifts (having changed their original plan to put in a large bridge with ramps which had caused an outcry in Farnborough). Now, without any prior consultation, they have come up with a plan to put in a large footbridge with ramps at the Frimley Green end. As there is not enough room at the current crossing the proposal is to put in the bridge further along at the end of Spencer Close, see map to the right.

On 5th April, Network Rail unveiled these plans at a drop-in event at the Frimley Community Centre. You can see the key illustrations below of the proposed footbridge at Spencer Close.

Some of the MFG&D Society Committee attended and a response (pdf) on the drop-in event has now been submitted to Network Rail by the Society.

We have asked Network Rail to provide a link or email where residents can ask questions and give feedback but nothing has been forthcoming so far.

We will be pressing Network Rail hard to provide better information, to consult properly and to ensure the views of residents are given due weight. Whilst Network Rail have some strong legal rights in this area we are pretty steely campaigners so watch this space for more news.

Update 27th April 2022 - Issues

From talking to residents there appear to be three big issues, you can read about them by clicking on The Hatches Level Crossing Issues (pdf).

Hatches Railway Crossing The Drawing of the Proposed Footbridge, Click on image to get higher resolution pdf

View of Crossing from Spencer Close View of the Proposed Footbridge from Spencer Close

View of Crossing from South of Spencer Close View of the Proposed Footbridge from South of Spencer Close

Proposed Route from Spencer Close bridge to the Hatches pathway The Proposed Route from Spencer Close Bridge connecting to the Hatches Pathway