10th July 2023
Frimley Green Carnival 2023

Held on the 9th July, the 2023 Frimley Green Carnival was a great success. The weather was mostly overcast with sunny periods but luckily no rain. There was a large and enthusiastic crowd, a tremendous Carnival Procession which this year was mostly walking groups, bands along with some decorated motor scooters.

The procession was headed up two people carrying the Frimley Green Carnival Banner, followed by the Sandhurst and District Corps of Drums Marching Band and then a car carrying the Mayor of Surrey Heath, followed by the rest of the Procession. You can see some of the photos of the Procession below.

There were a great variety of stalls amongst which was the Society's. This year the Society Publicity Office, Sarah Kingsley painted rocks which were then placed around the Green and the Procession route. Anyone who found a painted rock was a winner, you can see 3 of the winners in the photos below.

A varied and entertaining program of events took place in the central arena on the Green - dance troupes, gymnastics and ending with an exciting football match between junior teams, refereed by Surrey Heath Honorary Alderman Alan Whittart.

Finally thanks should be given to Mandy Withers and the Frimley Green Carnival Committee who as usual did a fantastic job in organising and running the Carnival.