23rd February 2024

Email from Network Rail on the Hatches Level Crossing
(Level Crossing to be updated with Miniature Stop Lights)

Dear Stakeholders,

Hatches Level Crossing

As you will be aware, for the last several years Network Rail have been consulting and reviewing potential options to reduce the risk associated with Hatches, a footpath crossing facilitating a public right of way (BW19) located in Frimley Green, located on a double track railway on the Ascot to Guildford line.

Previous proposals, informed by our Narrative Risk Assessments (NRA’s) identified the construction of a footbridge at Spencer Close and closure of Hatches as the most suitable alternative, given the level of risk reduction to users when the project will be completed.

Network Rail recognised that the scheme was not popular locally and have engaged numerous times in order to explain how this option would remove the risk completely. However, after a detailed review of the costs associated with constructing the proposed footbridge and considering the best spend of taxpayer’s money to provide mitigation as well as business justification, Network Rail has taken the decision not to progress with this option.

Instead, Network Rail will pursue the most suitable alternative, a Miniature Stop Light (MSL) installation. Miniature Stop Light systems consist of red and green lights and an auditory warning, which warns level crossing users of the arrival of a train several seconds in advance. An audible warning and a red light will activate when a train is approaching. If the red light is still on and the audible warning is still sounding after the train has passed another train will be coming. Users should only cross when the green light is showing, and no warning is sounding.

Network Rail plan to install the MSL in our upcoming Control Period 7 (2024-2029). Once a programme of the works has been finalised, we will provide a further update to you and the community as to when you can expect the installation of the MSL to be completed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact at any time.

Kind regards
Jack Wharton
Senior Public Affairs Manager

Network Rail Southern
Puddle Dock, London, EC4V 3DS