15th July 2013

SHBC Councillors will vote on the Princess Royal Barracks planning application 12/0546 on the 17th July. There is a slightly abridged version of the letter sent to residents describing the planned meeting in blue below. This will be a full council meeting to consider the PRB planning application, so will be of great interest to the residents of Deepcut and the neighbouring villages, especially Frimley Green and Mytchett. You will be able to hear the argument for and against the planning application plus see how your local representatives vote on this important application.

Previously residents from Deepcut and the neigbouring areas were encouraged to send their views to councillors before the meeting, see the Article by Angela Mitchell, the Chair of the Deepcut Liaison Group, on the SHR Blog.

For anyone wishing to see what is happening with planning in the Deepcut Area, they should go to the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum website or the Deepcut Development Project page on the SHBC website where you can register your objections and observations.

Read more on the MFG&D Society's site about the PRB Development Project.

Application Number    12/0546

Hybrid planning application for major residential-led development totalling 1,200 new dwellings with the provision of new community facilities.

The Council has decided that this application will be considered at a meeting of the full Council to be held on 17th July 2013 In the Camberley Theatre, Knoll Road, Camberley.

The meeting will commence at 7.00pm and members of the public will be able to attend. The Theatre will open at 6.00pm when the public will be admitted to the auditorium.

The Council has decided that there will be public speaking in relation to this application and has agreed to allow 2 objectors and 2 registered organisations to speak in objection and the applicant and 3 speakers to speak in support. Each speaker will have 3 minutes to address the Council

Speakers will then be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. Should multiple requests to speak be received at exactly the same time, the speaker will be decided by random selection.

To register your interest in speaking at this meeting you should contact me by telephone on the above phone number or e-mail between 9am on Monday 8th July and no later than mid-day on Thursday 11th July. Please note that any request received before or after this lime period will not be accepted as a valid registration. Any communication made during the hours when the Council offices are closed will be recorded and responded to when the offices are next open.

Should a large number of people express an interest in speaking at the meeting in relation to this application. the Executive Head of Regulatory may decide to restrict the speakers to those with addresses within the vicinity of the application site (Paragraph 6.7 of the Public Speaking Rules at Part 4 of the Council's Constitution). As a result, if you respond by email please ensure you provide your home address. Messages left on voice mail will also need to include a name, relevant address and contact number in order to be valid.

Please note that all those who have registered to speak will be contacted after the deadline above, to confirm who will be allocated the speaking slots.

If your request to speak is successful you will be given further details of the procedure for speaking at the meeting. Please note that it is the Council's practice to pass the contact details of the registered speaker to others who have asked to speak, but who were unsuccessful, so that the speaker may consider including their concerns in his/her speech or sharing the allocated 3 minutes.

Yours sincerely

Lee Brewin
Democratic Services Officer